About John of God  and Casa de Dom Inacio

João Teixeira de Faria, often called Medium João or John of God, is the medium who founded the Casa and through whom the entities worked. He was born in Brazil, just over 100 miles from the Casa. Many decades ago, the Entity Santa Rita invited him to his healing mission and he accepted the call.  He has done this work for almost 50 years. It was through his dedication and vision that the Casa  came into existence. While the healing seemed miraculous, João remained humble. He said, “I do not heal; God heals.” Approximately 31 different entities incorporate into his body, one at a time, to do the healing work. He also has created soup kitchens and other service projects throughout Brazil. 

In 2018, Medium Joao was accused of some sexual abuse. While nothing has been proved, and he has not been convicted of any crime, for the past year he  has no longer been a direct part of the Casa. His health also failed in this difficult year and he was extremely sick. The Entities (I like to refer to them as Brothers and Sisters of Light) have always told us they would be present to help, even if there was no human medium. This has been seen to be the case. Our group in January 2019 all experienced very real healing, from the Entities and with the support of the extremely high energy there, despite the fact that Joao was not there to channel. 

I understand that the issue of possible abuse is a very uncomfortable one for people. I have chosen to leave in some photos of Joao and to provide this history. Anything negative that any of us may have done, and which is never okay,  we must also remember the positive that we have done and know gratitude for that good. Joao has helped so many people in founding the Casa de Dom Inacio and giving most of his life to support healing for tens of thousands of people.  I am grateful to him for that.

Whatever our attitude, part of our spiritual path is forgiveness of those who have harmed us and harmed others, and asking forgiveness  for the harm we may have done to others. To forgive is not to condone, but it is a vital step in our growth.  Forgiveness heals karma. Using any situations of pain in each of out lives, we will have an optional opportunity to practice forgiveness together  while at the Casa, for any harm from us and to us in our lives. As a group we will have forgiveness meditations led by Barbara and  Aaron. Compassion also heals karma. How do we support the deepening of compassion in a heart hardened  by pain? What allows the heart to reopen? This compassionate heart  is strong and best able to say no  to the various abuses we see in our world, with love  and wisdom. To cultivate this loving heart is our best  path to help co-create a loving world  at peace. 

Much remains uncertain about the future structure of the Casa. There is word that Medium Joao may be back in some way, and may be channeling again, or may not. We are planning  our 2020 trip on the idea that he will not be there.  If he is, I welcome him, and we as a group and individually, will decide what to do on Casa days and  about interventions. The rest of the program  remains  as presented on the calendar pages; Aaron; Jeshua  and others will certainly join us for the workshop portions. 

Without the Medium, we are asked to, and able to, take greater responsibility for our own healing and inner work. This seems to me like a clear step in our becoming more mature and less dependent. We find the present energy there to be very high and clear, and supportive of every kind of spiritual work. Our meditation practice will be an area of emphasis; in this two week period there is an opportunity to go deep in understanding  our true nature, beyond the externals with which we have habitually identified. This grounding in our true being is a strong foundation for healing.  Getting to know our spirit guides, and co-creation with spirit will be the another main focus. 

Through the years I have found the energy at Casa de Dom Inacio to be very high and loving, and supportive Entities to be very present. The area is blessed with natural beauty too. It is a truly wonderful place to deepen spiritually and to do inner work for healing  of body, mind and spirit.

With the present Casa setting, I (Barbara) now have the opportunity to offer support from spirit as I never did in prior years. Aaron (whom i have  channeled for  30 years), Jeshua, The Mother, and others will also support us directly, both with verbal guidance and energetically.