2009 Pictures (followed by more from 2011...)


Hal, Joao and Barbara


Joao and Barbara


Part of the 2009 group at the pousada


Dawn rainbow over the Casa


Sunday morning Interfaith Service in the first (medium's) Current room


Friends in line to see the Entity in the Entity's Current Room
Picture from Karen Leffler


Barbara and others meditating in the Entities Current Room
Picture from Karen Leffler


Group Sunday dinner at restaurant Bon Appetit


Some of the group on the street in front of the pousada


Lunch at the pousada


Partial group discussion on the patio


Post-surgery instructions from Arturo at the Casa


Sunday pizza lunch at Pizzaria Sao Joao


Watching a beautiful sunset from the "sunset hill"




Watching President Obama's inauguration
at the home of our pousada hosts, Mauricio and Mardenia


Mardenia and Mauricio


Departure ceremony with Ajahn Thanasanti

Taken 2011:

Using wireless on the pousada patio

Sunday lunch at a café

Group Portuguese lesson with Daniel

Sunday dinner at Bon Appetit restaurant

Pousada meal time

Wonderful food !