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    I have been going to The Casa with Barbara every winter since 2011.  Five of those years she was my guide and in the last two years as her groups have grown I have been going as an assistant. After my first couple of times in Abadiania , I didn't really need a guide, per se.  I knew how things moved around The Casa. But having Barbara's loving heart, compassionate understanding and guidance and her candor and openness about her own experiences has proved to be something I don't want to be in Abadiania without!  The amazing people she attracts are as integral to the whole experience as Barbara and John of God! Barbara supports our intentions with Vipassana meditation and optional group sharing and of course Acai smoothies from Fruittis! She encourages a generous dose of quiet alone time as well for meditation, reflection and optimal healing. Vipassana Healing is highly recommended by me for a rich experience at The Casa de Dom Ignacio! 

Terri M  Pittsboro, NC​  2017


The trip I took to the Casa has been a life changer.  Like a meditation retreat or Monastery visit, I got away from everyday life to focus on healing and to deepen my awareness practice.  Mostly I went with hopes to attend a chronic health condition and to continue my intention: "To see things as they really are."  

Support and Love permeate the atmosphere on the little street in Abadiania that is home to the Casa and many fellow humans striving to learn and heal.

 Barbara, Aaron, and their wonderful assistants create an important safety network.  Issues arising have a clear place to land through interviews and casual conversation.  Because the group was held so well, there was a lot of room for growth: a ground for expansion.   This makes the whole experience a continual learning, healing, and heart-opening retreat.  I cannot give a stronger recommendation.

                                                                         FB  BC Canada 2017


I have been to the casa many times prior to my most recent visit with Barbara. Barbara's support and guidance added such depth to the experience as to make it feel like the most powerful and meaningful I have had there. Time spent with the high vibration that the spiritual entities envelop us in allows many layers of healing to begin to unfurl. Barbara's help in the process gave me another level of understanding, perspective, and ability to work thru the issues that became manifest during my stay. I am deeply, deeply grateful for Barbara's ability, devotion, vision and wisdom in helping those in her care to move forward in growth and deeper healing of the body, mind and spirit. The words just aren't sufficient for me to express the magnitude of gratitude and reverence I have for her willingness to serve, and the profound depth of her very grounded love and understanding of the human condition.

 IW, Phila, PA 2017


I had been to the casa four times before this trip, but my experience there with Barbara  transformed my world. Her clarity, her  intelligence, and her common sense and plain speaking gave her words so much credibility that any skepticism and doubt I had about what transpires there and in the world evaporated  day by day, until finally the world opened up until I felt awestruck by its immensity for the first time in my life. It created an openness and a vulnerability in me that could have been intimidating and even frightening, but  her limitless compassion and her genuine love gave me the space and the courage to experience it without fear or contraction. I left with a feeling of starting a journey  to know the world and my role in it, and I attribute that in large part to being there with Barbara 
SL, PA, 2017  
Barbara was a fantastic trip leader. She is warm, wise, and loving. As a Daughter of the Casa and one of the mediums who sits in the current room, and as someone who has been going to the Casa for years as part of her own healing journey, she deeply understands both the Casa and healing in general. I cannot imagine anyone being a better guide to the Casa.
— RS, Ohio, 

    My trip to the Casa has been the most amazing journey of my life.  I really had no expectations of what would happen so they were easily exceeded, but I never dreamed how much healing would occur and on so many levels.  I decided to go because I have a degenerative neurological condition for which Western medicine has limited options, but once I decided to go my perspective gradually shifted.  I came to realize that I developed the neurological disease because I was supposed to go the Casa, not that I was going to the Casa to treat the neurological problem.  This was a wonderful spiritual experience, much of it truly indescribable but so very real and palpable.  I have never felt such loving energy so strongly as I did at the Casa.  There was healing on several levels-physical, emotional and spiritual/karmic.  I had tremendous insights into some of the karma that drives many of my habitual tendencies.  The loving support of the Entities and of the group have given me motivation to continue down my spiritual path with more compassion for both myself and others.  My neurological disease has improved dramatically, and chronic knee and back pain is also much better.

    On another note, it certainly was nice to spend two warm weeks in Brazil in the middle of our winter.  The food was excellent food and the Brazilian people were very friendly.  The eclectic mix of foreigners was also a treat.  I am looking forward to returning in the future.

                    — Kevin, Plymouth, Michigan

    For me, it was--and is--an amazing and continuing experience, that is very hard to put into words.  All I can say is that--it is the most profound journey--spiritual or otherwise--that I have taken in this lifetime.  And, I have taken many--including India, Egypt and Greece.
   To actually find myself in Abadiânia at the Casa, almost five years after first hearing of its "existence" from Barbara, and "knowing"  that I would someday go, but not really "planning" it, was  most amazing to me.  I kept saying to myself, I'm really here--how did I get here?  After 20 years of meditation, What brought me here?  How did this happen?  I could hardly believe that I was so blessed.  But somewhere deep inside of me, I knew that the other journeys were a necessary preparation for my being able to get to and appreciate what I found with the Entities, at the Casa in Abadiânia.  "I was home!"

                    — LD,  Ann Arbor, Michigan

    My three weeks at the Casa was incredibly beneficial on many levels. Being Vipassana teachers, Barbara and John understood my struggles and insights from a Buddhist perspective and helped me take my practice to a much deeper level. Thoughts and sensations, especially those tied to deeply-rooted dynamics and strong habit of mind, now seem further away, less provocative. I experience greater spaciousness in the mind and heart. I think the prayers spoken in Portuguese in the current rooms drew me back to my Christian roots and a renewed appreciation for prayer. In these few weeks, something opened up in my heart that was closed off for many years and all this Love and Gratitude started flowing through. It’s still flowing. Coming to this marvelous place with these insightful teachers has been the most powerful Spiritual experience of my life.

 — Steve, Tampa, Florida

    My experience at the Casa was extraordinary. I can’t think of a better word. It was out of the ordinary and very much beyond anything I could ever have expected. In fact, the limits of my small (and often stagnant) ways of looking at things became immediately much clearer, and I found I could often let go with some ease, simply because holding on suddenly felt so foolish.
    My biggest problem lies in trying to adequately describe the whole experience. Suffice it say that I felt immersed in a confluence of grace-filled moments that left me left sobbing with gratitude on a number of occasions. My body was touched, my mind was touched, and my spirit was touched….tangibly. There is no way I could not notice the healing and life-affirming energy that permeated my days and nights. As a friend from Massachusetts said, “This is the real deal.”
    And just to flesh out the picture, I want to add that it wasn’t just Joao’s physical presence or the amazing sessions within the Casa. It was also the good food and kindness at the pousada, the sweet dogs and children on the simple clay streets, the glorious blossoms everywhere, the magnificent skies after a rain shower, the honest-to-god good will of the group I was with…and, of course, the sincerity and dedication of our leaders. They both served and guided in ways that were truly helpful. It could never have been the same without them.
                — KT, New Hampshire 

    My trip to the casa last year was a life changing experience.  Grieving over the recent loss of my husband and seeing a segment on Oprah on John of God, I immediately just knew that it was meant to be for me to go to Brazil.  A bit of a skeptic, I believed the benefit of just getting away would be beneficial even if I got nothing else out of it.  I got on the internet and was guided by the hand of God in finding Barbara and managing to become a part of her group leaving just two months later.  January was a beautiful month to go.  I got so much more than just relaxation.  Along with bonding with beautifully sincere people, the energy there was undescribable. Because they didn't bother me, I didn't even think to ask for healing for kidney stones that I had had for years.  After seeing John of God and requesting emotional healing and help in losing weight, I was confined to my sparse room at the beautiful posada with wonderful food, as part of the healing process.  To my horror, my kidney stones began to move.  There I was in a foreign village and my pain for several hours was so tremendous that I vomited.  The stones then passed.  I had an x-ray when i got home that confirmed what I knew. That was insignificant though compared to the healing that began in my heart, body, and soul over my husband's death.  The dawning that he was still with me was tremendous.  The energy helps to clarify life's meaning and one's own existence.  It was truly a remarkable experience and one that I made alone not knowing a single soul among many that knew one another or traveled with another.  Barbara was excellent in sending emails and providing the support I needed in my emotional preparation for the trip.  Truly awesome.  
— JT, Georgia, 2011

January 15th to February 5th 2011
Abadiania, Brazil (John of God)
    My intention on going to Brazil to see John of God was to heal of limb girdle muscular dystrophy; to come back in three weeks running and doing all the physical things I once did as a child and young teenager.  All of my diagnosed life, 17 years, I wanted this disorder gone.  I had spent years searching for alternative therapies, healers and practices to get rid of this problem.  And going to Brazil to see John of God was no different.  After all he’s healed many people of various illnesses and so why not me?  When I was there I had this thought come to me as I sat at the “overlook” area at the Casa.  The thought was this…what if this disorder, limb girdle muscular dystrophy, is my soul’s way of learning in this lifetime?  What if this disorder is exactly what I need to learn from in order to grow as a spirit?  By attempting to get rid of it I’m defeating my soul’s purpose for being here and learning.  In that moment I realized I didn’t need to be healed of limb girdle muscular dystrophy in order for my life to be one that I love living.  I got that where I am in my life is exactly where I need to be.  There is nothing missing.  Everything I need is taken care of and will show up when the time is right.  The lessons are more important than the disorder and until that moment I didn’t see it that way.  While I didn’t heal physically of limb girdle muscular dystrophy liked I originally hoped for in my 3 week stay, I did heal on a much deeper spiritual level… I healed my love for myself.
— JG, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 2011

    The last 15 days of January, 2012 I was in Abadiania, Brazil, where John of God does his remarkable work. I went in a group of 20 others led by Barbara Brodsky, who is the guiding teacher of Deep Spring Center in Ann Arbor.
    My time there was one of the most extraordinary and illuminating experiences of my life. I had seen the documentaries on John of God on the Oprah TV show and on Sixty Minutes, had read various accounts of his work, and had talked to people who have been there. While they increased my curiosity and knowledge and helped establish credibility, none came close to the intensity of actually being there.
    Partly this came from the peacefulness and love that pervades the place. Partly the relaxed guesthouse where we stayed, with its wonderful food. Partly the small, rural town, with chickens, cows, horses (well, one horse) in the streets and green rolling hills in the background.
And partly the fascinating persons whom I met or experienced, including persons coming with Barbara and other persons I encountered there. 
    And partly the amazing leadership, knowledge and experience of Barbara.
    Best, of course, was the work of John of God and the spirit Entities. This healing is remarkable, inspiring. To be there and to see it firsthand, experience it too, can be life changing.
— SW, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2012

For those of you who want to a sense of what the Casa experience was like for me, below are portions of my casa reflections.
    Where to start – there are so many images, memories, feelings and thoughts floating thru me.  I returned just yesterday morning and the casa experience keeps unfolding.  Overall, the 2 weeks there were so fulfilling – my hopes were met and then some.  Prior to going there I thought that this experience might be a large leap for me, but now it seems more like a step (admittedly a big one) along a path I have been on for a long time.  While there were moments, especially at the outset of the first days, that I felt like a large wave of  anticipation, not knowing, excitement, and bewilderment was washing over me and I needed to catch my breath, over time I settled into being more present in the moment.  During the first two days, I immediately felt the current both at the overlook or in the main hall.  It was so welcome.  It felt like I had come home.  While I do experience energy at various times in my daily meditate practice, the current at the casa was so readily “available and full.”  (Sometimes it is difficult for me to find the right words to express the deep feelings I experienced.)  The presence and intensity of the current seemed to increase as time past at the casa.  There were times when it was so deeply peaceful and open hearted and others when it just vibrated thru out me.  Both were welcome.  So my growing “encounter” with the current was in itself worth the trip.  I went to the waterfall perhaps six times.  Each time my experience of the energy at that sacred site grew. It was palpable.  I recall John Orr telling me after his first visit to the casa about his amazing experience of sitting in the current.  At no point over the two weeks did I feel any bolts of energy or sense of the entities tugging on me.  There were moments when I wanted that concrete expression and others when I wondered will my intentions be met.  So that was all part of my work both as I prepared to go to the casa and when there.  The entities clearly provided me with ample opportunities for me to encounter what I need to learn especially as it related to my first intention to receive their help with my sense of unworthiness and doubt.  As everyone reminded me, there are no accidents at the casa – everything seems to have a purpose. 
    I cannot over state enough the supportive roll that Barbara, Aaron (quiet role) and our group of twenty-two seekers played in my experience.  It was immeasurable.  After my venture forth experience, I just knew this group of mostly strangers would grow into something meaningful and we quickly did so.  It reminds me of the metamorphosis of a butterfly. (There were so many wonderful butterflies I delighted in while there.) So between Barbara’s guidance and the group’s evolving shared experiences I muddled my way thru the first week.  By the end of the second week there was a deep sense of loving care and trust among us.  It seemed that we touched each other in some unexpected but meaningful ways.  Everyone had something to teach me.  I was especially move by several members who had serious health concerns, yet they seemed also to be able to embrace wider intentions for being at the casa.
    In addition, let me say that Barbara provides a lot of info about what to do to prepare for the trip.  All very helpful.  It is a lot of work to get ready - visa, insurance, white clothing...My advice is to take more spending money than Barbara suggests.  I found it helpful to read some of the recommended books - portions of Cosmic Healing - Barbara's experiences and Aaron's explanation for how the entities work, Heather Cummings book, and others.
    On another personal note - the experience continues to unfold for me - it has impacted my spiritual-meditation practice - the current is still quite present - each day here at home something evolves - deepening my practice in unexpected ways - deepening my sense of faith and opening my heart - less contracted by old habits.  One of the beauties is that everyone's experience is different - and as soon as you decide to go, the entities begin to work with you - the process of setting intentions is a very meaningful experience as you prepare to go.
— DK, Georgia 2012