Take a Tour...

of the Healing Center             
                               in Abadiânia, Brasilia

The Casa
Abadiânia, Brazil

The Casa Overlook with Early Morning Mist in the Valley

Rainbow From the Casa Overlook

The Casa Garden

The Casa Garden, Flowers and the Statue of Dom Inácio De Loyola

The Casa Main Assembly Hall

People Sitting in the Casa Main Assembly Hall

Waiting in Line for the Daily Blessed Soup

Practice Equipment for Those Relearning to Walk

Discarded Wheelchairs and Crutches - these are given away to those in need

Sunrise Over Abadiânia

The Modern and Old Meet on Abadiânia's Main Street

                                            Our Pousada

The Pousada Courtyard

Pousada Dining Room and Outer Porch