Our Services to you...


Pre-trip orientation and personal interviews in person or by telephone.

Guidance on travel plans.

• To the extent possible, the group will meet in the US and fly on to Brazil together, where  arranged transportation will meet you and bring you from the airport to the pousada in Abadiânia (Ah-Bah-Jahn'-Ee-Yah), the central Brazil town where the Casa is located.

Private room with bath in a lovely Pousada (inn) for 14 nights,
including 3 wholesome, delicious meals a day (2 on Sundays) with vegetarian options.

• Your first bottle of water, blessed by the Entities, is provided upon your arrival. 

• Casa tour, and a crystal bath session.

• Escorted visit to the sacred waterfall.

• Guidance for your sessions with the entities, and follow up on each session. We will accompany you through the Casa process.

• Group silent and guided meditations as appropriate. We will provide ongoing vipassana (mindfulness) and Pure Awareness meditation support and group meetings.

Throughout our stay we will gather for sessions sharing our experiences, and of guidance from Barbara, Tavis and Terri, Aaron and other entities. There will  be periods of more formal workshop,  group discussions, meditation instruction and whatever support is most useful.  See the calendar for details. 

• There will also be time to relax and enjoy our beautiful surroundings, to walk and swim, to meditate, to enjoy a smoothie with a friend. 

• Personal meetings as needed.

• Follow up once you return to the US.

Not included: your remaining Casa water and healing herbs
as prescribed by the entities, souvenirs and gifts